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We are Delwig, a small but powerful digital agency from Helsinki, Finland. Currently we operate in Scandinavia, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Our size and structure make us flexible and easily approachable – even for a small business, starting out with a limited budget. We craft each and every project with extensive care and precision and no matter the size of the project, the customer is King.



Web Design

Content Management


Concept planning
Logos, Brochures
Visual Content
Business Card


Social Media
Advertising Material
Email Client Lists
Search Engine Optimization
Big Data Analytics

Turnkey solutions

Email services
Technical teaching
Content creation & Translations
Advertising campaigns


All our project are done with great care from start to finish. All our products have 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if anything in the end product doesn’t please you – we are here to fix it. 

We also like to teach our customers to use the websites after we have created them, so after the project is done, there is no need for you to hire expensive content creators with technical knowledge: you can do everything yourselves!

Our recent projects.

Year Started

We are a young company which started out in Helsinki, Finland. Our company has been growing steadily, as our customer satisfaction and decent prices have lured many entrepreneurs to try our services.

From the beginning of 2017 we have also expanded our business from Scandinavia to the Netherlends and Ireland, with our brand new operating spots in Groningen and Dublin.

Web Design
Brand Development
Intelligent Marketing
data analysis

Our core knowledge is in web design and brand development, but we also offer everything from search engine optimization to brochure and logo designs, to help your company achieve an appealing image in the highly competitive markets.

Availability of data has profoundly changed companies. Let us do the heavy lifting and data crunching for you.

Everything your company needs to expand and boost sales – under one small roof!


We prefer our clients to be able to focus on their core business and not stress about web development or advertising – that’s why we are here. Everything we do can be arranged as a Turnkey Solution, without the need for you to grow any more gray hair.

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Offering intelligent marketing solutions, data analysis and technical consulting to several small businesses in Scandinavia, Ireland, and the Netherlands.